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  • RSG’s RFID Reader RSG7206B2 Works With Wireless Temperature Sensors

    Recently we operated a project for clients from USA, in which used the RFMicron wireless temperature sensors and our integrated RFID Reader RSG7206B2. RFMicron, leading manufacturer of RFID tags and sensors in the world, is our strategic partner for developing UHF tags, RFID readers and solutions. And would bring more and more latest RFID technology. The RFM3200
  • New Chapter For Building New Retail – RSG

    In 22nd September 2017, RSG attended the presentation activities for E+Store (One of the most famous unmanned supermarket in China) and set up long term strategic partnership with big retailers. It’s significant that RSG made an important step to bring UHF RFID technology to new retail industry. Soon later, we would support more and more intelligent
  • RSG’s RFID Tracking And Security Management For International Airport

    UHF RFID system could be integrated with security system for asset tracking, location, and personnel management. Recently we have support a case at an international airport at Wuhan City. The solution conclude fixed UHF RFID readers installed at the luggage area, and integrated RFID reader and antennas installed at access control gate. Together with CCTV
  • Revolutionary: Intelligent RFID Gateway Reader RSG7206C9

    UHF RFID reader is very common on the series of application, such as smart manufacturing, retail management, asset management, warehouse inventory, logistic tracking and so on. To build up IoT(Internet of Thing) system, networking based on Ethernet is quite important. But in some special environment, network construction is not easy, since it’s difficult for cabling,
  • RSG New Powerful 12/24 Ports Fixed RFID Reader

    As UHF RFID technology more and more widely used in many applications, reading for more tags with higher accuracy become challenge for projectors and integrator. Previously, RSG have developed 4/8 ports UHF RFID reader RSG7206C4 and RSG7206C8. Recently, responding to the market trend, we have designed 12/24 ports fixed RFID reader, RSG7206C12 and RSG7206C24, which could connect