RFID Access Control Systems

RFID Access Control Systems

What Makes Up an Access Control System?

The RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Access Control System is a modern solution that grants authorized users who carry a valid badge access to areas and equipment. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Software
  2. RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Badges/Tags
  3. RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Readers

These three components work together to provide access to your users, and is highly customizable to fit the requirements of every business environment. Through three simple steps, the RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control System ensures access is only granted to users who are authorized to receive it. Here’s how:

RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Badges/Tags are given to all of your users.

RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Readers are installed at strategic points within your environment or on specific machines so that they can “read” the signals being broadcasted by the RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Tags worn by your users.

Each RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Tag assigned to your users transmits data. This information is then imported into the RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Software. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can configure access permissions and retrieve access data from a PC, remotely on your web browser, or even on a mobile device.


Grant Easy Access

Date & Time Stamps

Control Access Per Pass

Increase Productivity

Payroll Audit Trail

Improved Security

RFID Access Control System Details

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If your business is like most organizations, you will require an efficient system that enables or limits access to specialized equipment and areas within your office, warehouse, or factory; this offers safety, security, and convenience for both you and for employees.

How does Access Control ensure safety?
When you have expensive or potentially dangerous machines that can only be operated by certified and authorized personnel, Access Control is the answer. These equipment become tamperproof and access is only granted to personnel who are given permission. Different operational levels can be programmed and usage can be electronically logged to provide managers with maximum visibility.

How does Access Control provide security?
The security of people is fast becoming an important consideration in every enterprise and institution. Using Access Control, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering a building and denying access to certain personnel and visitors to sensitive areas of a building are possible, ensuring peace of mind for your employees and to your workplace.

How does Access Control offer convenience?
Speed and efficiency: together, they offer unparalleled convenience to personnel and vehicles in your business. Hands-free access eliminates long queues, while unmanned gates reduce unnecessary checks and labour. Having an automated way to control access provides convenience throughout your organization, allowing you to focus on the real tasks at hand.

Access Control answers these common questions faced by today’s businesses:

  • We want to give access to sensitive zones to only authorized personnel
  • We want to deter and detect possible breaches within our building
  • We’re looking for a hands-free access control system that requires no user effort
  • We want to promote traffic flow in a green environment by enabling vehicles to pass through our facility without congestion or long queues.
  • We need a system that complies with the government regulated security measures
  • We need access keys that are inexpensive to replace and difficult to copy for our warehouse equipment
  • We want to control access to machines based on individual operator certifications in our company
  • We’d like to keep track of our machines’ operating hours and safe usage to ensure a proper audit trail
  • We are looking for a way to trigger our surveillance cameras when certain areas are accessed in our office

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Access Control is the solution that provides an answer for all of these business concerns.

At RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID, we have many years of experience creating RFID access controls systems for our customers to ensure safety and efficiency. While we offer customized solutions, below are the Access Control Systems we have developed and deployed for our customers:

  • Learn about our Commercial Building Access Control System
  • Learn about our Conference & Event Access Control System
  • Learn about our Construction Site Access Control System
  • Learn about our Employee Time & Attendance Access Control System
  • Learn about our Hand-Free Access Control System for Institutions and Manufacturing
  • Learn about our Multi-Tenant Residential Access Control System
  • Learn about our Wide Area Long Range Access Control System

Want to be sure your business needs RFID Access Control? The following questions can help you to decide:

Do you need a more dependable Access Control system that doesn’t depend on frustrating, inconsistent magnetic stripe technology?

Access Control using RFID doesn’t require swiping or line of sight scanning—in some cases, it requires absolutely no user involvement at all!

Do you have specialized equipment on your shop floor which only certified, authorized employees should operate?

Access Control is not only about doors; the system can be integrated to grant access to equipment and machines, so that only authorized personnel can use them.

Does your condominium building require a solution that provides access and security to your residents?

You can limit access to the building and use of facilities to only authorized residents who carrying a programmed RFID badge. This application can even be installed in your mailbox area to allow only authorized residents access to their assigned mailboxes—free of keys!

Do you need to provide a heightened sense of security at your gated community?

Implementing RFID Access Control at your gate community provides an automated way of managing the access to the streets and neighbourhood. In addition, the system can track vehicle entries and exits, which provides valuable information in situations of theft or emergencies.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control can enhance the safety and security of your business environment.

How RFID Applies to an Access Control System

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By installing RFID readers strategically throughout your work environment and assigning RFID badges to your personnel, access to sensitive areas or specialized equipment can be controlled and monitored. Unlike conventional access control systems that use bar code or magnetic stripe technology, RFID Access Control provides an easy way for users to gain access, such as simple touch and go proximity actions or a fully hands-free operation. As the system controls access to every part of your business, it is also logging usage data so that you have important information readily available for review.

An increasingly popular situation where Access Control is needed is when businesses are located in large buildings that may often house a number of different companies or departments; this is where reliable and measurable Access Control is required. With entranceways of buildings and doors on different floors secured with RFID readers, employees are given RFID badges that grant them access rights unique to their company and authorization level. This provides a reliable way to control access in shared office buildings

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short Range Access Control System is one of two Passive RFID versions available when you choose our Access Control System. It uses two distinct radio frequencies: low frequency and high frequency.  The low frequency system uses the 125 KHz frequency, while high frequency system is based on 13.56 MHz.

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short Range Access Control System provides a near-touch reading distance of 2-6 cm. Short range access is most effective for applications where access to rooms is required, or where an operator-friendly access control for specialized machinery is needed. Using an RFID badge or key fob, personnel scan for access at close proximity. The result is an efficient, unmanned operation that ensures the control of access to the things the matter most in your business.

The Bottom Line

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short Range Access Control System lets you:

  • Economically and easily expand your solution
  • Control access to buildings and restricted areas
  • Restrict access to dangerous machinery to only certified operators
  • Log access data for detailed reporting

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Mid-Range Access Control System uses Passive RFID technology, one of two passive versions available on our Access Control System. Using the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) band of 900 MHz, the system is able to read the RFID badges or lanyards worn by personnel from up to 5 metres away—thereby providing access control to business environments that require hands-free operation. When personnel pass by a UHF Reader gate, the Reader sends signals and powers on the RFID lanyards. Information is then reflected back to the Reader, and access is granted.

The Bottom Line

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Mid-Range Access Control System provides:

  • Mid-range reading that does not require line of sight
  • Hands-free access control
  • Detailed access reporting

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Long Range Access Control System is the Active RFID version of our access control solution. The system uses the 433 MHz and 2.45 Ghz bands which allows for the continuous transmission of vehicle information to RFID Receivers installed in the environment. Each vehicle is outfitted with an RFID transponder, and when they approach gated zones, access is automatically granted without requiring the driver to lean outwards to show access credentials.

Designed to support reading distances of up to 100 metres, this system can read vehicle information from long range to provide a convenient and secure way for vehicles to access any business environment. Being fully automated, this system helps promote traffic flow by helping to avoid congestion, miscommunication or unnecessary queues which greatly reduce emissions. All vehicle access data is logged and accessible via alerts and customizable reports.

Bottom Line

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Long Range Access Control System helps you:

  • Monitor real-time vehicle movement alerts
  • Record detailed vehicle arrival and departure times
  • Automated access control for heavy equipment vehicles
  • Safe and secure access for fleet vehicle environments

Access Control System: Applications

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control System has been successfully applied to the industries world-wide:

Retail Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Solutions for the Retail Industry provides a way to protect people and assets by controlling access to doors and is a system that can be integrated with time attendance solutions and many existing security networks..

Discover RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control System solutions for the Retail Industry

Manufacturing Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry provides enhanced security, hands-free zone-to-zone access, and machine access control.

Discover Access Control System solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Building Management Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Solutions for the Building Management Industry provides enhanced security, loss prevention, and limits access to only authorized tenants, owners, and personnel.

Discover RFIDSolutionGlobal Access Control Systems for the Building Management Industry

System Integrators


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