RFID Parking Control System

RFID Parking Control System

What Makes Up an RFID Parking Control System

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System is a control and monitoring system designed for use at residential condominiums, gated communities, business parking garages, university parking areas, and hospitality or retail centers. The system is powered by three key components:

  1. RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control Software
  2. RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Vehicle Tags (hang tags and windshield tags)
  3. RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Readers

These three components work together to provide vehicle parking control, and is highly customizable to fit the requirements of any parking facility. The RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System ensures access is only granted to authorized vehicles in three simple steps. Here’s how:

RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Vehicle Tags are assigned to all vehicles.

RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Readers are installed at entry and exit points within the parking facility. When vehicles approach, the Readers “read” the signals being broadcasted by the RFID Tags displayed on each vehicle.

The RFIDSolutionGlobal RFID Vehicle Tag transmits data, and this information is then imported into the RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control Software. The software tells the system to grant access to the vehicle, records their activity, and can even trigger surveillance cameras at the entry/exit points or log and bill back parking charges to the customer. This is all accessed through an easy-to-use interface


24 Hour Unmanned Operation

Remote Management

Multiple Locations Managed From One Location

Remote Management

Reduce Operation Expenses

RFID Parking Control System Details

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If your business offers parking areas to customers, then you will require a cost-effective and secure parking control solution for your facility. Whether it is for an office building, residential condominium, gated community, hotel, RV camp, stadium or university, an intelligent parking control system will provide efficiency, safety, and security for both your clients and their vehicles.

How does Parking Control reduce operating costs and increase revenue?

When you manage a busy parking lot that provides around the clock access with multiple entry and exit gates, staffing each gate with attendants is a costly expense. With a Parking Control system, the entire parking facility can be unmanned, providing a highly economical way to operate the parking facilities of your property. In addition, there is the ability to monitor and log parking duration and frequency to automatically bill parking charges, ensuring revenue is collected regularly.

How Parking Control ensure safety and security?

The safety and security of parked vehicles is a top priority. Using a Parking Control system, movement of vehicles can be identified and tracked which ensures the security of all vehicles. Access to and from the parking area can also be controlled based on predetermined times authorized by the system administrator, and activity at parking barriers can trigger surveillance cameras to record vehicle movement. This adds up to a safe and secure environment for all vehicles on premises.

How does Parking Control improve customer service?

Long queues to exit parking lots and cumbersome payment processing methods lead to frustrated customers. A Parking Control system offers the automation of in and out payments and reduces customer queues when exiting. By relieving congestion within parking areas, customers naturally become more satisfied.

Parking Control provides the answers to businesses that frequently ask these questions when searching for an automated parking solution:

  • We need to have improved control of our parking operation
  • We want to ensure the security of the parking facilities on our university campus
  • We require a way to combine parking control with revenue collection
  • We need to be able to capture all vehicles, their location on the lot, and time and date of entry/exit
  • We want to control the time that certain vehicles can enter or leave our parking facility
  • We’d like to have a way to see all vehicles present in our facility, in real-time
  • We plan to eliminate both manual record keeping and manned stations from our parking lot operation
  • We want to be able to display real-time parking display boards that show our customers the number of empty parking spaces currently available at every level within our busy shopping center

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Parking Control is the solution that provides the answers to all of these challenging questions.

At RFIDSolutionGlobal, we have been providing solutions for our customers to automate parking control at their locations for over a decade. While we offer customized solutions, below are the Parking Control Systems we have developed and deployed for our customers:

  • Learn about our Parking Control System for Commercial Buildings
  • Learn about our Parking Control System for Fleet & Rental Cars
  • Learn about our Parking Control System for Residential & Gated Communities
  • Learn about our Parking Control System for Heavy Equipment & Trucks

How RFID Applies to a Parking Control System

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The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short Range Event Management System is one of the Passive RFID versions available for use when planning your event. Using the 125 KHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies, the system utilizes both high and low radio frequencies.

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short-Range Parking Control System is one of two Passive RFID versions available. The Short-Range System uses two distinct radio frequencies: low frequency and high frequency.  The low frequency system uses the 125 KHz frequency, while high frequency system is based on 13.56 MHz.

A Short-Range Parking Control System requires a near-touch reading distance of 2-6 cm. Short-range access is most effective for applications where an economical solution is required. Using an RFID badge, vehicle operators tap for access at close proximity. The result is a simple and efficient unmanned operation that provides secure access to parking facilities.

The Bottom Line
The RFIDSolutionGlobal Short-Range Parking Control System lets you:

  • Economically enjoy the benefits of RFID parking control
  • Control parking access to buildings and restricted areas
  • Log vehicle parking data for detailed reporting

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Mid-Range Parking Control System uses Passive RFID technology, and is one of two passive versions available on our Parking Control System. The mid-range system uses the Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) band of 900 MHz and is able to read the RFID vehicle tags displayed on vehicle dashboards or windshields from up to 5 metres away. This means vehicle operators are given hands-free access while entering the parking area. And because this is a passive system, the RFID vehicle tags do not require batteries, making them extremely economical, durable, and long-lasting.

The Bottom Line
The RFIDSolutionGlobal Mid-Range Parking Control System provides:

  • Mid-range reading that does not require contact line of sight
  • Hands-free parking access
  • Detailed access reporting

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Long-Range Parking Control System is the Active RFID version of our parking control solution. The system uses the 433 MHz and 2.45 Ghz bands which allows for the continuous transmission of vehicle information to RFID Receivers as they pass through the gates and barriers of parking facilities. Authorized vehicles are provided RFID vehicle hang tags or windshield tags. When they approach gated entry or exit points, access is granted without requiring vehicle operators to physically show their badge, and in most cases, they do not need to fully stop. The RFID readers are capable of reading the tags displayed on vehicles from up to 30 metres, thereby significantly decreasing congestion and long queues for entry or exit. In addition, all vehicle access data is logged and accessible via alerts and customizable reports.

Bottom Line
The RFIDSolutionGlobal Long-Range Parking Control System helps you:

  • Monitor real-time vehicle movement alerts
  • Record detailed vehicle entry and exit times
  • Ensure speed and efficiency in a busy parking facility environment
  • Provide hands-free, drive through/non-stop parking access

Parking Control System: Applications

The RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System has been successfully applied to the industries world-wide:

Tourism & Recreation Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control Solutions for the Tourism and Recreation Industry provide an efficient way to control and log vehicle parking activity at popular tourist and recreation facilities to ensure safety and profitability.

Discover RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System solutions for the Tourism & Recreation Industry

Healthcare Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control Solutions for the Healthcare Industry provide an efficient and secure way to control public and reserved parking at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Discover RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Building Management Industry

RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control Solutions for the Building Management Industry provide a robust and dependable way to control parking access at office buildings or residential complexes.

Discover RFIDSolutionGlobal Parking Control System solutions for the Building Management Industry

System Integrators


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